Con Life

SDCC: My Favorite Sights and Probably Yours Too

Well SDCC is one week away, less if we’re counting preview night. I’m here to get chummy about my favorite sights and sounds of the con and also where to find them. 
What I love seeing at SDCC isn’t the typical head-turning, eye-popping spectacle that people usually gawk over. It’s more like the glue that holds the community together. 

  • Peaceful Differences – I love overhearing nerdy conversations come to disagreements, but also hearing people still remain jovial and friendly. Everyone’s here to have a good time, and this is easily shown when people meet at Game of Bloggers. 
  • Reaction to Cosplay – A lot of non-con people attend SDCC and see cosplay for the first time roaming the Gas Lamp quarters. Their reaction to cosplay is like they’ve seen Mickey Mouse for the first time. This is nerd culture being hugged by the mainstream. 
  • Nerds Dancing – Nerd HQ provided the dance party for those who dwelled in the “underground.” What a great feeling to be yourself, holding no inhibitions to DJ Snake’s “Turn Down For What.” With Nerd HQ gone this year, there is are other dance alternatives including Hero Within’s “Red Wedding” at the House of Blues.

I still love the giant Groot Funko, DC’s costume showcase, and The Walking Dead’s living diorama.
Of all the sights and sounds of SDCC, it’s the ones that involve people interaction that inspire me the most. 
What do you look forward to seeing most at San Diego Comic Con? Does it involve others? Do you prefer to go solo?