Something Bad, Something Better (Road Rage before Sunrise)

“You didn’t respect the zipper, and I lost my temper, which was provoked by your error. I think I’m being pretty clear.” – Jessica Huang (Fresh Off the Boat)

Respect the Zipper – Jessica Huang ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat (

I broke an unwritten traffic code while racing the sun this morn.

Two lanes converge into one, it’s supposed to go “Every other car” yielding to each other.–like a zipper. I learned this concept from my dad and the term from ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat. In season 2 Jessica Huang, spends an entire episode fuming when someone doesn’t zipper at her son’s school. 

Today, I was that non-compliant person. 

I had a bad feeling passing up the slower car. Seconds later, they laid on their horn. 

Jessica Huang will teach you road rules (

Obliged to one lane, I’m disappointed at myself and angry about the horn. 

Plan B: Pull over and let the punk pass. 
A mile in the single lane and they start high-beaming me. Ass. Don’t you know I’m about to let you pass? Finally, a turnout, and I pullover. 

They pull up behind me. What?! 
Ok. Let’s think. 

I’m in South Orange County. Nothing crazy makes it in the news here right?

  • If they have a gun, there’s plenty of traffic to witness.
  • If he wants to fight, I know enough Jiu-Jitsu to stay alive.

Someone’s approaching, an older, middle aged man with a latte in his hand. He comes to my passenger window to avoid the perils of oncoming traffic or not to be seen with an illegal weapon–iced coffee. 
I roll down the window with heightened senses to hear him say “That wasn’t cool at all. You almost ran me over.” 

I pause, pull some humble pie from my backpack, mash it, and drink it with a boba straw. 

Bizarre morning. The rain helps

“Sorry about that,”
I said, as I extended my hand in apology. “Have a good rest of the day.”

He replied “No problem. Drive safely.”

Did that really just happen? Did a fit of road rage turn into a civil hand shake. Did I get pulled over by a citizen?

I’m laughing. All of this happened before sunrise.

Caught the sunrise!

What started off as something bad turned into something better and more bizarre than I could have ever imagined.

Have you ever had a bizarre interaction with someone on the road? Are you civil or awkward with strangers? 

Drop a comment below!