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Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con: The Best for Last

What’s the best comic convention?

It’s Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con! Easily.


I’ve been attending LACC (formerly Comikaze) for six years now. Each year it gets bigger and better. Not only do they pack it with relevant stars from 1960’s Batman to Agents of SHIELD, but they keep it grounded for the comic book fans by bringing in artists and creators like Rob Liefield and Marc Silvestri.

This spectrum of personalities alone captures generations of fans.

Speaking of generations, this is Stan Lee’s convention, and he guarantees to make his fans happy by showing up. I’ve brushed shoulders with him here a few times. It’s inspiring to be around greatness.

The growth of this convention is evident by the community around it: Los Angeles.

  • Fashion – I’ve been to conventions from LA to AZ to Chicago, and none of them put an emphasis on Geek Fashion like LACC. Last year’s Le Geek So Chic Fashion show featured some of the best brands in geek fashion. One of them was Hero Within, an all men’s sophisticated clothing line. This has never been done before, and I also had the pleasure to walk that run way.
  • Panels – We’re in LA. There are people who work in the film, sound, photo, and you-name-it industry, and that experience is shared in these panels both from the stage and in the audience. The dreamers and doers meet here, giving a vibe like no other convention.
  • Cosplay – Because we’re at the end of the year, LACC is the last con for a lot of people, which means they save their best cosplay for last. They go all out. I’ve always felt safe cosplaying here. It was my first experience doing it, and now it’s tradition. L.A. itself walks to the beat of its own drum, and what more when it comes to cosplay? People seem more accepting and cool about things here.

As a bonus, it’s fall season, which means the perfect weather and Halloween vibes. Vendors pass out candy, and you can even use your cosplay as a double feature for Halloween just one or two days after. Also, the vibe of L.A. LIVE filled with restaurants, lights, and wide open spaces for pictures makes a good hang out for after-con parties.

I have panel experiences from both sides of the table, celebrity interactions, and cosplay reactions from LACC. Too many to share for just one blog post. With these in memory along with the reasons I’ve listed above, Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con will always be the best convention and my favorite convention.

What’s do you think the best con is? Have you experienced LACC yet? If so, what did you think?

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