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Still Vibin’ About Wondercon 2016 – The Good, The Great

It’s funny how each con has a lasting impression. Each con leaves you with some feeling of why you’d love to come back or politely pass the next time it comes around.

Wondercon was pretty much two weeks ago, and every time I scroll through my phone pictures, I can’t help but think about how dope it was. At the end of one long, just one exhausting yet exhilarating day, I really just felt good about it. Sometimes I feel really great about it. Maybe it was the connections with people in our conversation. Maybe it was just being in a large crowd of people sharing their uniqueness, or maybe it was just me “wondering” what was going to unfold that day. I don’t know. I was just ready to roll with it. 


JUST SATURDAY – WC is usually during Easter weekend, which gives me (and many others) “just Saturday” to consume three days worth of con life. Easter is still a revered holiday, man. But that’s OK because this year I was efficient as heck from cosplaying, to talking geek fashion with people, to hanging with con fam, and even participating on a panel. What a day! 

 GO WITH THE FLOW – I guess the Los Angeles Convention Center will always be my home when it comes to cons since this where they always host Stan Lee’s Comikaze. This year, WC was held here as opposed to Anaheim, and it totally used the space wisely. It had a better floor plan than Comikaze 2015. It was also interesting to see how everyone had to scan badges entering and exiting the showroom floor. I wonder what they’ll be doing with that in the future. The flow of a con, the way it operates can give good vibes or weird vibes. WC definitely had everyone feeling good vibes. 


HERO WITHIN – So Tony Kim (@Crazy4Comicon) is working on something brilliant when it comes to “geek fashion.” If he’s Captain Kirk, I just so happen to be Sulu…or Chekov….I’m just glad to be on the crew. We surveyed the floor at WC, talking to different people about geek fashion while showing them exclusive clothing concepts. Based on their feedback, we’re so excited to share what will be coming later this year. Trust. You won’t want to miss! 

 TIME FOR YOUR PANEL: THE HIGHLIGHT of WC was being able to sit on a panel with my peers, sharing ideas and thoughts about nerd travel (Jet Set Nerds). I’m thankful for Anastasia Washington for putting me on the panel and allowing us to talk about what we love, which is living the life of a nerd across the globe. Even while on stage, I learned a lot from the people sitting at the table with me. 

 I honestly feel like being on a panel almost epitomizes why I attend cons. To me, it’s the ultimate way of sharing what I love and why I love doing it. No, it’s not a Messiah complex. It’s more like “I’ve been there, but you don’t have to stay there. LEVEL UP YO’ LIFE!” I just know that if someone’s there at a convention, they want to feel like they’re a part of something. They want to feel empowered. They want to come out better than they were before. 

 Maybe that’s why Wondercon had such good vibes. People had a centralized place, literally they could gather in the middle of the convention lobby where the bad could look good even if it were “just Saturday.” It was a place where the good can get better and eventually be great. Maybe I’m not alone in feeling these good vibes, these great vibes too.

That’s what I saw. That’s what I felt. That’s still how I feel. 



What kind of vibes do you get when you go to a convention? What kind of vibes do you get when you talk about your community?

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