Con Life

SDCC Fashion Tip: Try Something New Because You Won’t Die (Probably)

What percentage of people care about what they wear to San Diego Comic Con? 

I’ll say 100%. 

Everyone’s making a statement. From graphic tees, to earrings, to evening gowns and yes, now men’s blazers, fans are making a conscious effort to let the world know their passion. 

San Diego Comic Con is a welcoming environment, and amongst fifty thousand people, this would be a great time to try something new when it comes to fashion and style. 

These examples may sound small, but they’re a big step forward for a lot people:

  • Wear a hat (try it backwards)
  • Slimmer pants (not necessarily skinnys)
  • Baggier pants 
  • Cuff your pants (Max 2x)
  • Make your tee a cutoff
  • Show your socks
  • Get a tattoo (EXTREME)
  • Vans instead of Chucks
  • Chucks instead of Vans
  • Layer your graphic tee (denim or flannel or blazer)
  • Color block Your Outfit (Google: DisneyBound)

Whatever new fashion trick you try, it’ll feel uncomfortable for a bit, but it won’t kill you. Eventually, you’ll find your groove. 

The SDCC hype train will carry you, and your new confidence will have you walking the showroom floor and after parties with new style and swag. 

For starters, you can find the latest clothes and styles from the top geek clothing brands at Game of Bloggers Wednesday night at the House of Blues (see below).

What’s something fashionably new you’re trying at San Diego this year? What have you done at a con that you’ve never done before? Share in the comments!