Tee Time

Lately, I’ve been saying how graphic tees are the uniform of the summer, not in a bad way, but they’re just easy peezy to sport a fandom. It’s all good.

from: We Love Fine
from: We Love Fine
I try to rock many graphic tees, usually the ones that make me laugh or walk with a little extra bounce in my step. While I can go on about why I wear my favorite tee shirt, I want to truly know and ask why everyone else does. This isn’t just in a blog or Instagram though. Like…let’s really talk about it. Maybe I’ll post it on YouTube. Maybe. But you can also hit me up on Twitter or Instagram @nerdcoolture to let me know what your fav graphic tee is, and I’ll share it!

But I need to shoot for a number of people and their tees because…how do they say on the internet…”goals.” So between now and the official end date of summer September 22, I will be featuring 22 people and their shirt fandom.

Megan: The Nerdy Girlie
This whole idea was inspired by Megan Gotch aka The Nerdy Girlie. She’s been doing a 100 Cups of Coffee challenge tied with her love for Futurama. It’s cool to see her daily (nerd) activity surrounding a simple cup of coffee. What I love most is that Megan

  1. set an attainable goal,
  2. attached it to what she loves (coffee,        Futurama, photography), and
  3. is naturally weaving it into her everyday life.

People have their “certain tees,” (pun intended), and I genuinely want to know why. It’ll be cool to see their eyes light up and life run through their veins!

So the challenge is set, and I’m putting it out there to anyone who reads this.

Dang it.


If I succeed, heck yes. If I fail, I fail forward.

:ding ding:

It’s tee time.