It’s that time of year. Pour a glass of  nostalgia. Light a candle of introspection. It’s all for the better, I’m sure. Slow down, and sort out the beans, good ones from the bad ones. 

Then, be thankful. 

I’m thankful. For a few things. Right now, I’m thankful for my nerd friends, old and new. 

So here’s a list of cool nerds that have stuck out to me the past few months:

Melissa and Matt: The first cool people I met and spoke to while repping Nerd Coolture. It all started in the infamous Hall H line at SDCC. Thanks for hanging out! 

Tony Kim aka @Crazy4ComicCon: A resource to many, including myself. He has people’s best interest in mind. I sat down with Tony, and he challenged me to think hard about where there’s a need and to fill that need. Thanks for being a mentor, Tony! 

Megan Gotch (@thenerdygirlie): My wife and I met Megan briefly at NerdHQ but have kept in touch with her via social media. When we finally hung out again, it was all words of encouragement and inspiration, naturally, like we’ve known each other. Megan is brave and forward. Thanks for taking risks, Megan. 


Nerds in La La Land (Nerd Living): I’m thankful and humbled to have met the coolest nerds like Anastasia, Jennifer, Emily, Joi, Stacy, and Bryan as we all talked about how living as nerds is one of the most exciting lives. All this was on a panel at Comikaze. Moreover, I’m thankful for Anastasia and Jenn for giving me a shot. These nerds are the awesomest. 


Tony (@hint_of_geek): While at Designer Con this week I was caught off guard when some random came up and asked me if I was from Nerd Coolture. I was like “Uhhh…yeah…???” Like who would even know about that?! I’m just a blog. Just. A blog…So this guy says he follows me on Instagram… I was speechless. I shook his hand and said thank you. Tony and I chatted about nerd stuff for a while and took a picture. So thankful for active and new friends like Tony who have supported Nerd Coolture thus far. 


Kristal, my wife, the nerd of my life: She’s supported every thing I’ve done just by being present. She knows what makes me happy and gets behind it. She’ll do my makeup for all my cosplays…even while I sleep. I’m thankful for her. She’s my everything. 

There are so many other people who contributed selflessly toward Nerd Coolture to help it get where it is, like Shauna’s graphic design and Matt’s custom Batman shoes…again, a lot more people on the list. I look forward to collaborating with more people for the same cause, to point out that being a nerd is cool and can be a lifestyle freely expressed. 

Yes, it’s always a great day to be with nerds. Thankful for sure.