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The Subtle Show – Geek Fashion @ Los Angeles Comic Con 2016

If you’re doing a geek fashion show in L.A., you gotta represent. This year, Le Geek So Chic brought its A-Game, showcasing some of the most unique and upcoming brands in geek fashion.

As opposed to the past years of geek style with loud, costume-y vibes, there was a common theme woven between this year’s designs: subtlety –which is great for many reasons like functionality, empowerment and conversation.

Also different this year, guys were reppin geek fashion in this year’s fashion show both on the stage and in brand. Last year, one guy walked across the stage throughout the whole show. I wrote about it here.

Here’s what I love about the brands featured in this year’s Le Geek So Chic Fashion Show:

Volante Designs –  Superhero streetwear that’s regal, functional and makes a statement wherever you go. What I love about Volante is the high quality. It’s like a denim-type feel but with much more flexibility and durability. You feel like you can make waves and command legions in any of their coats.

Elhoffer Design –Elhoffer Designs are primarily inspired by “bounding,” which is strategic color-blocking and stichting. Each dress and sweater embodies the essence of the character without being a costume. I love Katie Elhoffer’s hustle. For one, she really puts her nose to the grindstone for each design, and two she listens to feedback from her patrons, always trying to make geek apparel that people can connect with.

Whosits & Whatsits – My favorite part about Whosits & Whatsits line is that I can imagine these pieces being worn and sold anywhere because of its subtlety. No need for a blatant Mickey Mouse splattered all over your shirt. The Disney cryptic messaging runs deep, and every hardcore Disney fan from a laid back to a creative sense of style would appreciate Whosits & Whatsits.

Castle Corsetry –There’s a demand to look fashionably geeky while rocking a corset at formal events, convention or pretty much any occasion. That’s how versatile these elegant pieces from Castle Corsetry are. It was awesome to see the models of Castle Corsetry have so have fun and be free during the fashion show, which totally breaks the reputation of how restricting corsets can be in the first place.

Hero Within –  Yes, it’s now possible to wear a Suparman and Batman logo to work and to in-law’s party and to pretty much anywhere else. Hero Within is men’s geek apparel that’s sophisticated and empowering. The logo of each DC Hero is integrated into the construct of the jackets, so it’s not in-your-face. What I love most are people’s reactions when they realize what the jacket really is. It never gets old.

If the style has shifted this drastically within one year, imagine what it will look like one year from now. Men’s geek fashion designers are now amongst the rising tide of the individual designers long overdue for the spotlight. The demand for functional clothing that can be worn in the work place without scrutiny screams louder than vibrant patterns. It will be interesting what the trends will be in the future of geek fashion. 

What’s one thing you like about the current trends of geek fashion? Where do you geek fashion going in the next year?
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