Wear It Wednesday: White After Labor Day

In 2016 you can pretty much wear whatever you want, whenever you want. – GQ Magazine

F21 Sweater shirt and Levi’s 90’s Jeans
A couple things regarding Labor Day and transition to fall:

  1. Sweater Shirts – I’ve read that sweater shirts have identity issues in themselves, but I think they’re perfect for seasonal transitions like today. They’re cool and cozy at the same time. 
  2. Wearing White After  Labor Day – If you look up the tradition of the wearing white post-Labor Day taboo, you’ll learn how outdated and inappropriate it is (Hint: Socioeconomic status vibes). Now, shades of white (not all white) in my fall and winter wardrobe are refreshing to wear as much as I love seeing others wear it. 

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What do you think of wearing white after Labor Day? What’s your favorite transitional apparel?
Leave a comment below in the name of fall!