What I Learned from “Twilight”…OMG. Remember Twilight?!

Today, as much as I’ve grown in my nerdiness and geek awareness, I’ve realized that the Twilight love was one of the biggest fandom movements this century. I won’t drop stats or box office numbers, but anyone can ask anyone who went through it, it was definitely “a thing.”

My wife, and I were on the Twilight hype train too. She blazed through every book. We watched every movie and bought the collector’s Blu-ray set, which is yet to be opened. 


We even have an Edward and Bella Christmas tree ornament that reminds me of the zeitgeist every year we decorate the tree. 

 And every year a question is raised: Does the Twilight fandom still exist?

Twilight had people camping at theaters for weeks, moms wearing Jacob and Edward shirts, everyone taking pics of apples, and me watching multiple midnight showings with wife and friends.

 Most of all I remember Twilight revealing what I know today as a “fandom.”

But what exactly is a fandom?

Simply put, it’s a tangible enthusiasm for a cause or culture that is commonly shared. 

During Twilight’s run, I had no idea what the heck a fandom was, but it was right in front of me. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, yeah…it was all there.

Oxford Dictionary adopted it early 1900’s primarily for sports fans, and their more recent blog post about Twi-hards vs Potterheads and Tolkienites goes deeper about what a fandom is nowadays.

While Oxford has its definition, I plan on doing my own fandom soul searching in 2016:

  • What does a fandom mean to the nerd community?
  • What does a fandom mean to people I know?
  • What are people’s specific fandoms?
  • How do people express their fandoms?

So yeah, I’m happy Twilight did what it did by showing that together people can get crazy about something and go all out. 

 Now, I’m going to spend 2016 revealing what “fandom” means to my world and the people in it. Maybe along the way, I’ll run into some devout “Twi-hards.” I mean, if they still do exist…

What does “fandom” mean to you? Are fandoms timeless or are they prone to die out?

-Marlon Reynoso