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Where This Fan Has Never Gone (Before)

I’m not a Star Trek fan…yet.

Do I know what it is? Of course.  Thanks to reruns in the 80s and references by The Simpsoms and Futurama! 

Where No Fan Has Gone Before
 The characters, the generations, the supporting crew, the whole debate of which captain is better than the other; they’re ok I guess. 

Big “Thank You” to J.J. Abrams for really getting me on board back in ’09.

 What I am a fan of are the people who love Star Trek. Sometimes my misunderstanding of their fandom is cloaked by me making fun of them. Totally a facade! Deep down, I dig Trekkies and their loyalty. Despite being mocked (by me) in the nerd world or seeming like the underdog thanks to the bigger, flashier theatrics of Star Wars or Marvel, Trekkies know exactly why they are fans. 

Some of my closest friends are Trekkies, and that’s why I’m going with them to Star Trek Las Vegas this weekend, To find out where this loyalty comes from. This is the first convention to launch all nerd conventions. Heck I even believe it inspired cosplay in general. It’s our first time attending, and we’re pretty stoked. Plus, it’s Vegas! 

 So even though this is brand new terra for me here’s why I’m excited:

  • I get to mingle with fellow nerds in an entirely new convention  
  • My first experience will be with friends who know about the subject matter so I won’t be lost
  • My nerd knowledge is about to blow up into a whole other universe! 
  • Shatner, Patrick Stewart, and Geri Ryan will be there ? Who doesn’t love those fine people?!

My whole life, I’ve seen Star Trek on TV, but now I’ll be diving into the heart frenzy. If I come out a fan, I wonder if I’ll make fun of myself…or embrace my nerdiness all the more so. 


August 6, 2015