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Why Deadpool Would Pistol Whip Me

Growing up, I didn’t know much about Deadpool. Yeah, he looked like Spider-Man. Cool. He hated Wolverine. Not cool. Super healing factor! Cool. He was a villain…I think? 

  Now, as an adult, I’m realizing that Deadpool, the “Merc With a Mouth” is somewhat of a role model…ooops…anti-role model. Seriously, he’s doin’ some good. I wonder if he knows:

  • Hip-Hop Hooray… – Deadpool reinvigorated my love for hip-hop. That trailer overflowing with old school DMX takes me back. Like many hip-hop artists, DP paints vivid pictures with his words, which is a muscle that we writers exercise every day. Plus, I had to buy the Deadpool #1 variant tribute to Wale’s (wah-leh) “Attention Deficit.” This is one of my favorite hip-hop albums as far as lyrical flow and rhyme. Deadpool on the cover as “Wade” equals perfection.  
  • Back That Trash Up – Deadpool is the trash-talking troublemaker, but he’s also the guy who gets the job done. It’s a good reminder that my dialogue, whether it’s humor or professional, needs to be backed up by the right actions as people rely on me. Respect, DP. Respect.  
  • (Don’t) Call It A Comeback – Deadpool has a resilient heart. Yes, his body literally regenerates, and according to him, faster than Wolverine’s. He would probably pistol whip me for writing this, but underneath all the vulgarity and provocative lifestyle, Deadpool works toward something bigger than himself. I’d be the first to raise my hand and say “Me too.” Sometimes my actions wouldn’t be considered heroic, but I learn, say an apology and then get the job done. Hmm…Maybe Deadpool would approve of this post after all.  

The fancy red suit, the smoking barrels, and how Deadpool kabobs everyone with his swords: that’s all cool. But if I walk out of a movie his movie or read one of his comic books just wanting to fight people, I’ve missed the target. It’s his ability to empower people in super stealth fashion that makes people want his company and services. It’s his gift of gab that gets his foot door or on some bully’s face. It’s his personal matters that lead to professional manner when it comes to his overall purpose. That’s respectable. That’s cool. That’s heroic…anti-heroic. 

 OK, I better stop while I’m ahead, or Deadpool really might pistol whip me.

What is it about Deadpool that makes him so cool?

Is Deadpool a hero or villain in your eyes?

What heroes or villains are overlooked or mistaken with their actions or motives?

What motivates you more: heroism or villainy?

Drop a comment, we’d love to know!

-Marlon @Nerd Coolture