Why Geek Fashion Is Important Now More Than Ever (VOGUE Magazine)

The nerds, the first generation of pop culture nerds are grown and are assimilated into the world, the work force, the industry, the fashion industry. 

In this VOGUE Magazine article about geek fashion and its influence in the real world, Monica Kim, now involved with the fashion gods writes about growing up as a quirky kid, a nerd, often scrutinized for just being and dressing as herself because “Who’da known” what was “cool” fashion-wise at just nine years old?

But as a grown adult nerd, there are statements and convictions in Monica’s writing that didn’t only bring me back to my fashionable nerdy childhood but also to head-nodding core beliefs about how nerds should be dressing confidently every day at any age.


One of the best things about fashion is that it lets us recapture the past, in some small way, to dress as the bold, confident kids we should have been, to dig out our flood pants and Sailor Moon jackets and play around, flipping the nineties geek stereotype entirely on its head.

It’s so true. Everywhere I go, I see 90’s fashion and 90’s influence. From hyper colors to acid washed denim, from bold patterns to grungy slouch shirts, it’s in our faces and wanting to be embraced. Let’s not forget the comeback of big logo brands at local Urban Outfitters (CK, Starter, Stussy) and personalities who never left in the first place (i.e. Bart Simpson) 


Whether it looks good for the crowds doesn’t matter—today’s nerd style is about dressing for yourself. 

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Wait. I’ve said something like this so many times, and I’ll continue to do so. We live in a day where we embrace our past to live as bold as heck to live for today. Also, we’re adults now. We can buy the things we fanned out about when our parents refused to do so. 


When I was eight, a classmate laughed at my high-waters…

I’ll end with this story, when I was in eighth grade, I thought I was up to par with my “cool kids” clothes. One of the popular girls came up to me and asked “Why are you wearing skinny pants and high-waters?”

I felt so self-conscious. SMH. Today, like Monica Kim, I too would smirk and probably laugh as if someone should be making me feel bad about what I’m wearing. 

Also, skinny pants and high waters are to be envied now more than ever. And so are nerds. And so is fashion; nerd/geek fashion all the more so. 

So even in the work force, sport what you love, like even if it’s from your childhood, the 90’s or last month. The fact that we are a generation the first arguably the second generation of nerds running this world is not to be taken lightly. We express, and we care. To not be chic, to not be fashionably conscious would be a hindrance or denial of ones past, upbringing and true self. 

We are nerds. We are cool. It’s cool to be a nerd. 

Where and how do you express your geek fashion? Is it subtle? Is it loud and proud?

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