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Why Long Beach Comic Expo Is Just Plain Cool (See You There) @LongBeach_CC

Long Beach Comic…Comic… COMICON? comic CON? COMIC con…

Long Beach Comic EXPO!

Personally, it doesn’t matter if it’s Expo or Con; what I love about the Long Beach semi-annual nerd gatherings is that they never overlook the “comic” factor. In fact, it’s quite the opposite with a huge emphasis on the artists and writers and enthusiastic fans of our favorite stories.

I’ll never forget my first experience at LBCE last year with all the comics, panels and cosplay that I encountered. Oh yeah, I was riding solo too. I’ve never done that at a con. So I just had to jump right in. 

 As soon as I walked in, I saw the first booth was just a wall of comic books. “Oh, so this is why we’re here….the comics.” That’s what I thought as I soaked in all of the paperbacks and variants. 

 Furthermore, Ethan Van Sciver, the main artist who worked on my favorite Green Lantern series was there. I attended his live interview, asked him a question about DC vs. Marvel, had him autograph my GL comics, and talked art with him. That was so cool. I love meeting with the people who make the comics, the writers, the artists. It makes the comics, the content even more alive and valuable knowing the work and mindset poured into it. 

 Cosplayers are top knotch at LB cons. This is where I first met the famous Hip-Hop Trooper. His Def Star Thumper boombox was blaring the dopest old school hip-hop, and he was doing the most chill poses. He’s so cool to let pretty much anyone post up with him for a pic or even bust a move if they’re not shy. 


I ran into my friend Leo Camacho and his
cosplay buddies. Their Captain America: Winter Soldier cosplays were a huge draw. In fact all of the Marvel stuff I saw that day was legit. PS: It’s always a good feeling to run into familiar faces at cons. Moreover, it’s always cool to make new friends at cons and keep in touch in-between. That’s what these things are for: drawing the community together.  
Even though I only spent a few hours at LBCE since I went on a whim, I tell my friends to go to LBCE because it’s as if you see your favorite comic books come to life whether it’s through cosplay, through writers, artists, or discussion panels. Long Beach cons do a great job throughout the year never forgetting that comics are what launched these gatherings and that love for comics will keep these cons alive.

This year’s LBCE looks bigger, better and cooler. There will be legendary writers in attendance like Chris Claremont (X-Men’s Days of Future Past), Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn), Fabian Nicieza (Co-creator of Deadpool), and also an appearance of Alan Tudyk from Con Man and Firefly. Plus, Cosplay Corner, Artist Alley and countless panels to level up your inner nerd! For more info to buy tickets and get the low down on the programming check out the official Long Beach Comic Expo site!

What are your favorite cons during the year?

Have you ever attended a Long Beach Comic Convention/Expo? What was your experience?

What do you look forward to most when going to conventions?

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-Marlon @nerdcoolture