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Why Nerds Travel (Pt 1) – I Blame Video Games (Inspiration)

Wait. What’s the difference between “nerd travel” and regular travel?

Well, if you’re a nerd or geek and like to travel or are interested in traveling then BOOM. You’re halfway there. 


The other half will be conquered in upcoming topics like “How do I stay nerdy while traveling?” and “How do I pack my cosplay or nerd gear?” I’m stoked to share all that and more in the next few weeks. 

 I’m also excited to be doing this series with ALICE FAN of Girl On the Roam. She’s a nerd who travels, loves Alexander Hamilton (the historical figure not just the musical), and puts herself in the Harry Potter sorting hat every month to reinvigorate herself. 


I’m not sure if it’s weird for someone to say that “video games” inspire them to get out and explore, but honestly, they do. VIDEO GAMES!

Pretty ironic.

Recent games like Naughty Dog’s UNCHARTED series, specficially UNCHARTED 2 and THE LAST OF US (TLOU), have opened my eyes to the whole concept of exploration and survival. 

 It was ASSASSINS CREED III, the Revolutionary War inspired game, that inspired my most current trip to Washington DC just because that game was infused with our nation’s history. That’s the residual effect that video games have!

Video games give you the control and stimulate so many senses to emulate and become something you’re not. Same goes for vacation versus my daily work and social life. Here are three more reasons why I venture, why I travel as a nerd:

For Thrills – When I see Nathan Drake of UNCHARTED climbing crazy walls looking for El Dorado and mythical artifacts, I’m like “I want to go there. I want to see that place or the closest thing that exists to it.” There are people who like to travel who live to tell about the experience. Then it’s on to the next adventure. That’s awesome! My personal treasures are the many hidden gems and vacation spots in the U.S. with so much unpopular history and overlooked destinations like the Guadalupe-Nipomo Sand Dunes. A whole entire movie set was buried under these dunes since the 1920s. 

 For Survival – When I see Joel and Ellie of TLOU counting small wins in the ruins of a chaotic world, I’m like “I want to capture that in my memory and appreciate the crap out of it.” Sometimes I travel for the sake of survival like if I don’t end up going on a trip to somewhere remote and obscure then, I’ll die or I’ll bite someone. When I travel for life restoration it’s usually to a remote island or a place that has a balance of both untouched nature and touristy type things as well like Maui or the Pacific Northwest. The most important motivation here is to be refreshed and get centered after being jolted around from a chaotic work life. 

 For Betterment – When I see Connor Kenway in ASSASSINS CREED III free-running throughout 18th century Boston and DC, I’m like “I want to know more about those places and walk those same streets, and ride horses with Paul Revere and George Washington.” If I’m not learning the culture or mingling with the people where I travel, it’s not a complete travel experience for me. A part of me has to learn something new. Otherwise I might as well have stayed at home to troll the internet. In short, I have to soak in the atmosphere, the people, the culture, the food, all in first-person mode. 

 The protagonists in video games survive the worst of life all for the glory of living and telling an untold story, their story.

We all want some figurative treasure. Although some real found treasure would be dope. We are also dying to be survivors. Now it’s time to explore this world and tell our stories

Maps, expansion packs, and leveling up are all necessary elements in every video game we play. Our lives should be just as exciting.

This is why I travel. Damn those video games. 


What inspires you to travel? Drop a comment!