Con Life

Worth The Trek

Going into Star Trek Las Vegas, I knew very little about this fandom. My friends are true fans though. They know which series is their favorite and which captain they’d stand by.
Me? I was just a loyal ship mate this weekend, learning. 
So here’s what I took away this weekend while exploring this side of the Trek universe:

Trekkies are loyal: Not once while meeting Trek fans did I hear them complain about what the writers did wrong or how the movies ruined the series. A lot of this positive attitude also has to do with Star Trek having so many “generations” and diverse teams. Fans have so much to relate to as well as appreciate. 

Trekkies Are Fans: I met a few Trekkies who told me about their other fandoms, and I saw so many cosplays that were crossed over with Star Trek or were just there to be there including Wonder Woman and Storm Troopers. 

Trekkies Have Friends: There’s this stereotype type that nerds don’t have friends or don’t quite fit in. Well guess what? There was so much good conversation going on in that convention. I could hear and see it all around me. Friends of old and friends of new. One of the best examples was when William Shatner was doing a Q&A heart-to-heart with over 4000 people. He truly became a friend to many that day. 

 Star Trek Las Vegas definitely opened my eyes to a whole new world of nerd coolture. Everyone I met was in good spirits and showed mutual interest in conversation. 
If you’re a fan of Star Trek in the slightest or know someone who is, this con is def worth exploring. It’s where many fans have gone before and also return.


August 12, 2015