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5 Reasons To Attend Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo

While browsing a few websites for upcoming cons, I was honestly surprised to see no mention of Stan Lee’s Comikaze


I mean this is LA’s biggest emerging pop culture/nerd convention. I’m not exactly talking numbers though they are growing (62k). I won’t even bring up how Kids 12 & Under get in free. Should I even bother to mention a cosplay dance party that takes place in the always poppin L.A. Live right in the heart of downtown L.A.? Nah. Plus, numerous appearances by the man himself, Stan (freakin) Lee! 

There are so many other reasons why Comikaze is now one my all-time favorite conventions. Here’s five reasons you should check it out:

  1. Perfect Size – Comikaze is manageable but not boring. There are plenty of panels, hundreds of cosplayers, and more than enough vendors to easily consume at least two days.  Oh yeah: exclusives too.    
  2. Whelming – I say “whelming” for the first-time con attendees. I can’t stress this enough. SDCC was my very first convention, and I felt like that hypno-toad from Futurama. My eyes were popping out of their sockets and ear drums bleeding with the pangs of pop culture.  After attending Comikaze, I knew that this would be the con to take my friends because it was the complete package with all the fine trim.     
  3. Cosplay City – I wasn’t the only one who observed how the cosplay at SDCC was a little light this year. A lot of people are putting their efforts at the local conventions where the community is tighter and probably where their costumes won’t get ravaged. Comikaze is the perfect place to showcase a cosplay whether it being your first time or your first attempt of a specific concept. The crowd reception is open-armed. This is where I first cosplayed as a “clicker” from The Last of Us. I met so many cool people that day!  Oh shoot…This year Comikaze is doing their first ever Cosplay National Championship, which will mos def be a draw for people to bring their cosplay A-game! 
  4. Los Angeles – OK. Sorry not sorry. Gonna be a little bias here. Just like San Diego, having something to do after a con with your con buddies is one of the best ways to connect. And because Comikaze is right where the action is, L.A. Live, the party continues! This year since Halloween coincides with Comikaze weekend, there’s gotta be some kind of dance party! Plus, your costume will cover both occasions. BAM.   
  5. Stan Lee – When I first started attending, I didn’t think Stan’s name on the poster was a big deal. I learned that Stan and his peeps really have the fans best interest in mind. You can really tell that this is a fan’s convention. Also, this is the only con where the real Stan Lee is guaranteed to make an appearance, sign and take photos.  

Each year I try to invite more and more of my friends and fellow nerds to Comikaze. As SDCC grows, I’m promoting how Comikaze is a perfect alternative or addition to that SDCC stigma without all the chaos. 

Right now pre-sale tickets are still available for a lower price vs closer to the con dates (Oct 30-Nov 1). If you can only go for one day, go Saturday since it’s Halloween. Cosplay would be well worth it day and night. 

I hope to meet you there, hear about your experience and have you share it with others! That’s a huge part of nerd coolture. 

Until then, I gotta get my cosplay ready. 



Stan Lee Comikaze Updates

August 27, 2015