Adventure: Thrilled and Charmed in L.A. 

“You’re fighting for your life inside a killer thriller tonight.” – Michael Jackson (Thriller)

Two years ago, on my way to L.A. Comic Con, I made a detour to see the Thriller house. Yes, the house seen in the Michael Jackson Thriller video. 

You know, the busted shack where Michael chases the girl after an epic night of zombie street dancing?! 

Can you hear that haunting evil laugh?!

It’s here in L.A. next to Echo Park. Like, right off the 101.

Here are a few more bonuses: 

  • The famous Thriller house is on a street with the most beautiful historical  Victorian homes in an area called Angelino Heights.
  • Fans of the hit WB show Charmed will be happy to know that the Charmed house is here as well.
    The house of “Charmed” plus a hanging corpse
  • During Halloween, the houses here go all out with decor and just get you in the mood for the “holiday.”
    Houses get super Halloweeny here

So if you’re in the LA area and need a trip down pop memory lane, drive through Angelino Heights. I, personally have made it a Halloween tradition.

“Cuz this is THRILLER…”

Be mindful of the residents, and for the love, no street dancing or werewolf stalking please! 

Here’s the Wiki on the Thriller house neighborhood:

What Halloween traditions do you try to keep every year? What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song? Share in the comments!