Blindsided: A Reaction To Wonder Woman

“My body’s ready.” “I’m so ready.”

No. No one was ready for what Wonder Woman brought as a film and as a message. I boldly say everyone was blindsided by the impact of this film. 

The parallels and symbols of what Diana did on the front lines of the war had levels that transcended time, social norms and emotional barriers. 

And that reveal of her armor, her splendor. The strategy behind that had me reciting righteous expletives in my head. I have goosebumps recalling the scene as I write. 

Wonder Woman as a film is a cultural and historical icon. 

We need to keep talking about Wonder Woman because I know I’m not the only one gushing with wonder. No pun intended. I swear. 

What kind of emotions did Wonder Woman elicit within you while watching? Did it meet or exceed your expectations?