Blue Monday: That Cat Life

Ok so Garfield isn’t blue, but this phone case from Lazy Oaf UK is so radiant with blue, it makes Garfield stand out.

And he should. It’s Monday, and there’s no one who hates Mondays more than Garfield. I mean, that’s his famous catch phrase “I hate Mondays.”

But what gets Garfield through any dreaded first day of the week can be the same for us:

  • Responsibility – There was always some kind of obstacle in the way of Garfield’s nap or food. He took care of what had to be done first.
  • Company – Whether it was Odie or Jon, Garfield got through the week with friends/family.
  • Reward – There was always something to look forward to at the end of the day, in Garfield’s case pizza or just the end of Monday was good enough.

So what motivates me this Monday? It’s this phone case that I can proudly sport. I don’t care if it’s a cartoon from my childhood. People know Garfield handles business and lives the life we all want too: peace and quiet…and food.

July 27, 2015