Blue Monday: Energy Tank

It’s always a weird feeling being sick during the summer. Having the chills while it’s blazing hot outside? What is that?! Ugh. Weird. 

Last week when I started feeling the symptoms, I couldn’t believe it especially because I knew Star Trek Las Vegas was coming. 

I survived the weekend with frequent rest breaks when I felt my body shutting down. Oh yeah, can’t forget a mix of natural remedies and pharmaceuticals.

Today though, Monday, I just need energy. 

This why I love this Mega Man inspired E-Tank mug from Fangamer. Mega Man is known for adapting to his environment and using all that hate from his haters to an advantage. Heck yes!  

Energy Tank!
 But some points in the game, you jus need an extra reserve of energy, a source you can count on knowing you can get a full power up. 

So here’s my power-up today: herbal tea and a bank of fluids to keep me moving. 

 While still battling this flu, Blue Monday can be turned into “Do Monday!” 

What gets you through Monday? Is it something nerdy? Is it something nostalgic? Maybe a ritual?

Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts!

August 10, 2015