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Blue Monday: Soul Slurpee

Blue Monday goes out to this blue Slurpee mix and newly crafted Jubilee cosplay glasses. 

Allow me to indulge: 

One of the best parts about being human is aspiring to be special, super, well-equipped with abilities. 

Another amazing thing about being human is knowing that you’re incapable of doing everything. People can relate. It’s all good. 

Personally, I’ve been bedridden the last few days, in and out of doctor appointments, and I even made a trip to the ER.  


But I’ve been able to squeeze in some cosplay, crafting and a trip to 7 Eleven when I had the strength to be productive…like squeezing any ounce of strength from me was geared towards these things. Ugh. 
But it was all worth it. 

I was able to do what I love with what I had when I could. 

Then I rested. 

I didn’t push myself to death (though it felt like it).

Getting a Slurpee from 7 Eleven? My gosh, that did wonders for my morale. I can’t remember the last time I’ve fed my inner child like that. 

My body is still recouperating, but my soul, my inner being is far better off. 

Little did I know that the cure for a blue Monday was just around the corner at the local 7 Eleven. 

August 25, 2015