Blue Monday: Strange Days Ahead

Unfortunately, while everyone’s still on vacation, I’m still making the widgets. 

 So the question still remains: What’s getting you through Monday?

Well, there’s that nerdtastic issue of Entertainment Weekly that just came out! 

Eighty-seven, yes, eighty-seven exclusive reveals. 

Being a sucker for behind the scenes and director, producer commentary, here are the themes from the movie synopses that stuck out most. These will propel nerds to have a brighter outlook for 2016:

  • Hug Thine Self and Others: That’s what director and cast of Deadpool decided to do. They fully embraced Deadpool and joked constantly. For every one joke that was written, sixteen were improv’d. So this coming year laugh or hug yourself and do the same for others.   
  • Break the Mold: The director of the debut Assassin’s Creed movie says that the film will be breaking away from the video game mold, holding a more cinematic appeal. I’m thinking this is to speak to non-gamers. This is outward focused. Smart. Please, just don’t let it be another Super Mario Bros. or Double Dragon movie.   
  • Free Your Mind: It’s crazy to think of Marvel comics involved with supernatural worlds. But that’s what Doctor Strange is all about, opening the mind to bigger possibilities beyond what we see in the physical. President of Marvel Kevin Feige says the psychedelic factor of Doctor Strange will set it apart from any Marvel film. That’s how I want my 2016 to be, bigger than anything I can see or imagine; set apart from any year of my life  

If you want to see the full articles of these movies, go to, or pick up the current copy in stores. 

As for this Monday, eighty-seven first looks is plenty to hold me over til the new year. Now with action I can take, I can propel through 2016 inspired by these characters and creators in nerd culture. 

What are you looking forward to as a nerd in 2016? Are there too many nerd movies coming out next year or not enough?