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Blue Monday: Take Two of These

When it comes to trying new clothes or switching up style, it’s like a doctor prescribing you new medicine. You know more than likely it’ll make you feel good in the long run, but there’s a risk. 

 Speaking of doctors: I got these Doc Martens on sale for 40% off as I’m trying to put my X-Men Jubilee cosplay together. 

Now back to that risk I was writing about: Take it. Take that risk. 

With any decent medication, the benefits outweigh the risk. And when it comes to your fashion sense in trying something new, you’ll end up looking good. I know you will. You always do. 

Chances are, if it’s the first time you’re doing anything different, you’re not deviating too far so the risk isn’t too big. Do it anyway. 

If it’s a giant leap, you’ll have friends around who will be honest and supportive. Do it anyway! Just don’t do anything dumb enough to make you lose your job or anything like that. 

  • If you’ve been thinking about switching up the hair, get a general idea and then go get it done. 
  • Getting a new wardrobe? Buy a few new things then get rid of your old stuff! 
  • Fashion guidance? So many profiles and hashtags to follow on Instagram! #mensfashion #geekfashion 

So this Blue Monday follow Doctor Marten’s orders and take a risk or two in your geek fashion and nerd lifestyle!


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September 22, 2015