Blue Monday: The Knitted Alliance

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has their outfit planned for opening night for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens… 

Ok. I’m probably the only one. 

So Numskull has the best nerd themed Christmas sweaters, or “jumpers” as they call them across the pond. I’m talking Star Wars, Street Fighter (my favorite), Doctor Who, and all other kinds of fandoms to be worn during the holidays. These things are brilliant. 

You can easily wear them with a tie or bow tie for trendy casual like Storm Trooper mode.

Or if ditch the additional neckwear and go for a more casual look, fail, you will not. 

But cool thing about Star Wars is the constant battle between good and evil, the loyalty to one side or the other. It’s like, which side do you choose? 

Rebel alliance or Empire?

  Either way, be mindful of the force. 

Choose the power of the dope side. 

This Blue Monday, I’m thankful I have that new Episode VII trailer to watch over and over while wearing something to get me in the Star Wars mood! 

Is it December yet?



October 21, 2015