Blue Monday: Waking Up in DC

So I hit the snooze today with two questions in mind: 1) What time is it? 2) What time is Supergirl on tonight?
Looking at my Instagram, I couldn’t believe all the new images of Suicide Squad from Empire mag. 

Then reality hit: It was a long work day ahead. Like really long. 

In order to make it through Monday, the strategy was:

  1. Reward myself: Go get a copy of Empire from Barnes & Noble. 
  2. Turn off Brain: Watch Supergirl without multitasking. 

So neither happened. 

But I got to turn off my brain by hanging with friends. 


By going into B&N, I found out the ‘Squad issue is for December, but I scored a copy of Geek Out that ranked “The Top 40 Villains of All Time.” 

 Awesome to see The Joker edge out the steep competition. 

 And of course he did this with style. 


But if it weren’t for the latest DC heroine on CBS or group of antiheroes that got my heart racing this morn and motivated to finish the day, this Monday would’ve been bluer than blue, like purple, like The Joker, but not as cool; not cool at all. 

October 27, 2015