Fashion Friday: Fall Into Pink

There’s something out there people might miss this fall. Some might be able to capitalize on something fashionably sweet if they just keep their palate clean.

Personally, I’m hungry for it.


It’s not a neon or the vivid Easter pink.

This pink is a “dusty pink” like adding a spoon of Strawberry Quick to your milk or taking a bite of strawberry mochi. It’s just sweet enough.


There are a couple of reasons to take advantage of wearing pink this fall:

  1. Most people will overlook buying pink clothes, (especially thrift stores), thinking it’s not a typical fall color.
  2. It can compliment some of the best fall colors like burgundy or yellow, which will also going to be huge this year along with plum, wine, and brown.

This pink “vintage” wash denim jacket is exclusive at ASOS, which explains the markup, but I’m on the hunt for a similar one while thrifting.


Also, check out their burgundy denim jacket. It’s pretty unique as well, and cheaper.

While everyone’s spicing up with brown, orange, and greens, try giving a pink a taste. It will add something sweet to your fall wardrobe.

What are your favorite fall fashion colors? Share your thoughts in the comments!