Finding Fandom – With The Nerdy Girlie and Pie

In “Finding Fandom,” I’m sitting down with fellow nerds and uncovering what they love, why they love and why it’s important to share those things.

So we had pie and coffee with Megan Gotch aka The Nerdy Girlie to find what makes her geek out.

 Real quick though: Megan is genuinely nice (understated). She engages in convo, which is a lost art, and she writes…and writes…and writes. “The Nerdy Girlie” started three years ago to find a community. Now, the community’s finding her.

Check out some of the highlights from our convo with Megan, and see that her nerd lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle:

Nerd Coolture (NC): The whole point of this conversation is to find out what “fandom” means, why it’s important…and What the heck happened to all the Twilight fans? Are you a Twilight fan, Megan?

The Nerdy Girlie (TNG): I AM a Twilight fan…I was a Twilight fan…I guess I still am? Are you allowed to say you’re still a Twilight fan?

NC: Yeah. Are you embarrassed?

TNG: No.

NC: What is a Fandom?

TNG: I guess it’s something similar to what I’m doing with my blog….A COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE WHO LIKE THE SAME THING.

NC: How is fandom best exemplified/portrayed?

TNG: By the way we treat each other.

At this point my head nodded slowly, and I pretty much slow clapped with approval.

Megan gave an example of how the fans of her favorite band A Silent Film are known as “Lamp Lighters.” These LLs travel to different states to see each other and the band. A fellow LL to is now a friend and editor to Megan, and they speak on a daily basis about music, passions, and projects.

 NC: When did you first realize you were a true fan of something?

TNG: I think it was Harry Potter. I was working at the movie theater, and the first movie was getting ready to come out. We were super busy…so I hated Harry Potter. I LOATHED HARRY POTTER. Then it died down. I’m like “Fine. I’m gonna go see what this is about.” I went and got the book, read the book in two days. Went and saw the first movie…THAT was it. AND SIXTEEN YEARS LATER, I HAVE A HARRY POTTER TATTOO. 

 NC: You didn’t like it. There was all this rave about it, but something inside said, “I need to go find what this is about.”

TNG: I think I always wait until after things die down until I become a fan of it…

NC: Total hipster.

TNG: Hahaha…

NC: So what are your fandoms now? We know Harry Potter is right? Otherwise you wouldn’t have that strange looking symbol on your arm…

TNG: So HARRY POTTER was one. FUTURAMA is my second. And then I picked my favorite band A SILENT FILM as my third.

NC: Why Futurama?

TNG: That literally is my favorite TV show. It’s really FUNNY! It’s funny, and it’s in the FUTURE! And SPACE! And ALIENS! And I love ALL those things. TIME TRAVEL! One episode in particular sparked my creativity for the book that I’m writing “100 Cups of Coffee.” [In this episode] Everyone gets a tax refund of $300 and so Fry, the main character, decides to use his tax refund to buy one hundred cups of coffee. So I’m like “I’m gonna do that, but I’m not gonna do it in twenty-four hours.” So by the end when he gets through his one-hundredth cup, he gets all serene and saves all his friends from this burning building. SO…HOPEFULLY I’LL GET TO THAT SERENE STATE, EVENTUALLY. 


NC: So let’s talk about the band…music.

TNG: I’ve always wondered if I feel music differently than other people, but not since I’ve met you guys though. You guys talk about it like how I talk about it. Those are the type of people that I want to talk about music with because I feel it so much, and I’m there, and I’m watching it, crying, with the people who understand it like I understand it. Yeah. Music does things to me. I just like feeling things.
NC: How do you explain what you love, your fandom to other people? It could be on your platform or personally…TNG: I just feel like I word vomit all over people all the time.

NC: Show up and throw up.

TNG: Haha! Yeah, like that’s all I do. Talk to people. MY WORDS ARE ME WHETHER I’M SPEAKING THEM OR WRITING THEM. I just feel like I have more emotions than a normal person, and so I can talk about them more and I want to express myself. I’m very in touch with my emotions all the time. I’M EVERYTHING ALL AT ONE TIME, especially right now. 

 NC: Is it usually proactive when you have to share these things? Is it natural? Or is it reactive?

TNG: Yes, I have to tell people. Everything. All the time. And I will search out people to talk to. I’ll be like “Are you available? Can you talk right now? I need to call you…did you see Star Wars yet?” I WAS JUST TALKING TO SOME RANDOM PERSON ABOUT STAR WARS THE OTHER DAY…

NC: Final question- Why is it important that nerds to share their fandom? 

TNG: It brings us together. It gives a common bond. It helps us find the people we’re meant to find. IF I WASN’T A FAN OF ANY OF THESE THINGS, I WOULDN’T BE FRIENDS WITH THE PEOPLE I’M FRIENDS WITH. The people I’m friends with are my family. The family I chose.

 We couldn’t help but lean in during our convo with Megan not just because the voice recorder was between us; she had us engaged with how her fandom’s were tied with stories and how those stories are full of decisions that have mostly enriched her life.

Megan’s got some momentum right now. She’s come from San Diego, to L.A., and now moving to Denver where she’s about to make 2016 her best year yet. And that’s the enthusiasm we couldn’t help but have for her when we sat and talked. But it wasn’t just about nerd stuff first and then life. It was her being a nerd and just being who she is, a nerdy girlie.



What are your Top Three fandoms?

When do you remember becoming a true fan of something?

How do you relate with Megan (The Nerdy Girlie) in her nerd lifestyle?

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