Geek Fashion: Socks With a Mouth

This is gonna be quick and easy. 

I have these bright red Deadpool socks. Deadpool as a comic book character is flashy, loud, cocky, vulgar, but WOW is he good…or bad? 

So who wears bright red dress socks? 

Fellow nerds, aspiring fashionistas, and owners of red socks, it can be done. Don’t have bright red socks? It’s all good. This still works for other unique accessories. 

  • Deadpool shines at the right moments: Hints of red on the rest of your outfit may compliment the bright red when your socks show. Yes, it’s ok if your pants ride up a little. Deadpool likes the attention.   
  • Mute the Merc With a Mouth (Sometimes): This means wearing an outfit with basic blacks, grays, and whites, to balance the extremes of red.   
  • Teamwork: Deadpool’s from X-Force, so it’s like he needs an ensemble. Use patterns and texture to compliment him.  Soft plaid and wool works for fall and early winter. Red works well with holidays but shouldn’t be shy for January and February.   

But let’s say you don’t have bright red socks. Instead it’s orange knee-highs a la Big Bird or a bright green vest like like The Joker; knowing when to flash versus mute is important. The whole outfit and how you carry are what matter, not just the one piece. 


Master this technique and you’ll be fashionably deadly like our good hero (anti-hero), Deadpool.