Hey, Cool People

Whenever I talk to someone about being a nerd, I usually light up. By that I mean, my voice gets louder, my hands become more animated, and my eyes get Chris Tucker-like. Then someone usually responds with “That’s cool!”

Usually the conversation ends up harvesting some nerdy gems about each other or how we balance work life and leisure, but in the end we always say “That’s cool…

Captain Obvious says two things are a established:

  1. Nerds have gathered
  2. Nerds are cool

It’s such a good feeling to relate and respect. It’s simple, and it brings out the best in people (most of the time). I’ll write about “nerd rage” another time…maybe.

But if you’re here because you’re nerdy and think it’s cool, you’ve come to the right place, cool people.

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Big Bang Theory (not my photo)


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July 6, 2015