Knowing Your Fandom- Part 1: What the “L”?

Continuing the 2016 crusade of defining and finding “fandom,” I got to dig deeper and look at what’s happening around me.

Last post, I touched on what “fandom” means and how Twilight opened my eyes. Remember Twilight? Yeah, it was once a part of our lives or someone you know.

Maybe fandoms die with the hype, but how do we really know we are a true fan of something?

I think I’ve nailed it. I swear, I’m getting closer.

This just feels right. 

  Okay, this list isn’t exhaustive, but I’m pretty dang sure these three elements are what make you a fan of something. Remember three L’s:

  1. Language – What you speak every day about the nerdy things you love, the dialogue or catchphrases in your conversations, and how you can’t help but steer the conversation toward your favorite nerd topics. You know you’re a fan. Everyone has that one friend who picks up on “The droids you’re looking for” line or the “WHY SO SERIOUS?!” when you casually throw it out in the appropriate setting. These are the verbal high-fives with fellow nerds and a sacred language to yourself.  
  2. Living Space – Where you spend most of your time, your sacred area whether it be your bedroom, car, or office space; this is your zen palace where you connect with sentimental, hand-picked nerdy trinkets, screen savers, musical themes, or binge your favorite shows over and over. This is your Rivendell, your Fortress of Solitude where you get to know yourself unlike anybody else. It’s where you pick yourself back up and continue your journey. The decor and content in this living area matter, as it’s what you connect with most.  
  3. Lifestyle – That’s what this whole “Nerd Coolture” movement is about. It’s not just me though. It’s what every nerd is doing when they take action, sharing what they’re into because of the collective pop culture movement of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, or even, yeah, Twilight. Lifestyle is any way shape or form we share the things we love. It’s action and expression. It can be tattoo of a horcrux, a YouTube channel, the rising tide of geek fashion, or the cosplay bug that bites all of us when con season comes.  

It took a while for me to realize these things. When my friends asked me what my Top Three fandoms were, I had to pay attention to what weaved in and out of my life on a daily basis, what crosses my mind constantly, and what has caused me to take action with my life.

Real quick, here’s my Top Three fandoms:

  • The Simpsons
  • The Last of Us
  • Batman (The Animated Series).

But I’ll elaborate in the future about my Top Three and how they tie in with my day-to-day.

I’m also talking with nerd friends like The Nerdy Girlie and The TOTL Podcast to discover their fandoms and what it means to them. The list of nerds I want to sit and talk with is growing and is not limited. I just love hearing what people are into and what it means to them. 

 So yeah.

What else makes you a fan of something?

What nerdy vernacular do you speak every day?

What’s your “Sanctum Sanctorum” decked out with to recharge your inner nerd?

What’s the most obvious way you express your nerd lifestyle?

Drop a comment, and let’s chat this out!