Knowing Your Fandom Part 4 – How A Video Game And A Vanity Mirror Shape My Life (Fandom #3)

Back to the Three L’s of fandom. I wrote about how Lifestyle and Language are important for knowing your fandom and why it’s important to express.
Now, about that third “L?” What’s going on in your Living space?

Living space can be where you spend a good amount of your time or where you Zen out and hone in. This is your Fortress of Solitude, your Bat Cave, your Shire, and heck, your Mystery Machine.

Maybe you have Funko POPs and LEGO repping you in avatar form. Maybe it’s a sticker or poster that takes you away just for a few seconds at every glance. Maybe it’s some inspiring quote you have framed. 




 Those are a few inspirational quotes from my third fandom and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us (TLOU) that stick with me throughout my day. How do they have such a residual effect? As a nerd, I naturally draw close to what I connect with most. TLOU isn’t just a video game. It’s a story to experience with an epic plot and characters to which everyone can relate. This is why I’ve taken it into my inner most, my “Sanctum Sanctorum” as Doctor Strange would call it.

So here are some spaces in my house where I’ve become conscious of putting my favorite, most cherished merch, trinkets, pictures, and fandom flags that bring me closer to my fandom, to myself and my nerd community:

  • Vanity Mirror – I realized that as I’m getting ready for the day, my reflection wasn’t just coming from my mirror but what was placed around it. Ellie and Joel from TLOU have been a huge part of my “ENDURE AND SURVIVE” mentality.  
  • Work Desk – No matter how hard I’m working at my crazy cluttered desk, neck deep in spreadsheets, I can always look up at this giraffe, a symbol well known in TLOU and an art piece of Ellie I got from a gallery. Knowing that the job will get done, and not everything has gone to the crapper is a good feeling. LOOK TO THE LIGHT 
  • Creative Space – In my creative work space where my books and crafting come together, my DIY TLOU wall collage reminds me how I’m not defined by a salary, a job title, flaw, or talent. I’m constantly improving as a creative person and sharing what I love to do with others. IT CAN’T BE FOR NOTHING.  

While these spaces are sacred to me, other people have things that are valuable to them on their nightstand, TV entertainment center, or even car interior as a lot of people spend most of their day driving. I couldn’t help but think of The Nerdy Girlie taking Fry everywhere she goes as she’s pretty much exploring the world in her car. 

 Wherever your living space is, my encouragement is to be aware of what fandom you interact with in your daily surroundings and how it causes you to tackle the day or recharge your batteries at night. 

Where do you have your favorite fandom merch on display?

Does having your fandom merch in your surrounding help get you through your day? How so?
What other areas other than the ones listed in this post are a good place to display fandom items?

Drop a comment below! Would love to discuss!