Movie Trailers – Get Excited, Stay Excited

Now about those movie trailers.

I remember when trailers weren’t an event. Like the only time you saw trailers was in theaters, and they were called “previews.”

But now, trailers are almost equivalent to short films in packed content and editing, and the fate of the film as a whole depends on them. Like, you better not screw up this first impression. Like, we’re standing here with our pitchforks and torches, waiting to let live or crucify.

BTW The Simpsons is life. FTW!
Again, there was a time when trailers weren’t a “thing.” You watched a movie and didn’t realize it was terrible until after you watched it, either immediately or years later. That’s how the first SPIDER-MAN (Toby) was for me. It was my first year of college, and there was really no super-hero movie out there like it other than FOX’s X-MEN. After watching Spidey with my roommate, we were so hyped, like jumping off the walls and making sound effects around the campus, HYPED. I went to my computer and immediately started downloading all my favorite SPIDER-MAN cartoons and music (Yeah, remember that song “HERO” by the NICKELBACK dude?! That was a thing too).

But there was no pretense going into SPIDER-MAN. There was just excitement that one of my childhood heroes was on the big screen. While watching the movie I remember that a few of the character arcs didn’t line up with the cartoon. That kind of pissed me off, but again, jumping around with sounds like a real web-headed moron. Years later, I realized it wasn’t that great.

RIP Macho Man and this Spidey Franchise
Today, it’s the trailer has us so damn determined about the film as a whole even before we see the movie, before the film is released, before it’s edited.

After that BATMANvSUPERMAN trailer, the three-minute one, I decided to jump off the trailer hype train. Dear Lord, I’ve never seen a movie cause so much division in the nerd world. Trailers won’t make or break my decisions, and neither will spoilers and reviews.  Trailers are meant to wet our appetites with excitement not disappointment. But sadly, after every mega blockbuster trailer is released, 99% of the feedback I see is how “they (the studio) got it wrong.” My eyes are rolling. Am still I excited? Absolutely.

The uphill battle, the narrow road is to stay excited.

Like, soon, the whole world is going to know who TF Harley Quinn is. Originally, she was just some sidekick created for a cartoon in the 90’s. She didn’t even have a formal introduction. We just had to assume who Harley was, The Joker’s subservient and desperate boo (“bae” wasn’t a term then). Now, we get to see Harley Quinn be a star in a freakin’ movie, SUICIDE SQUAD. The whole natural, common nerd world is going to meet Doctor Strange. No, he’s not some magician. He’s not a wizard. Doctor Strange fights supernatural and natural battles for his friends on both sides of The Civil War (comic book reference)! He is THE Sorcerer Supreme.

Creators of Harley Quinn, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm Approve of the New Look
We get to see characters like these live and in color.

I get excited. I stay excited.

“Complaining” for a lack of better term is too easy, especially when everyone’s already doing it. I’m sure if I were looking for something to go wrong with these movies, something will be wrong, which is why for the movies I’m most stoked for, I’m remaining level headed, and am just looking forward to enjoying. I don’t need a trailer or a review to tell me what I already love. How do I know? I just remember listening to a Nickelback song from the Spider-Man soundtrack many times while downloading everything Spider-Man as a reaction to how great I thought the film was. No trailer, no reviews. Just excitement.

Here’s that Nickelback (Chad Kroeger) song from Spider-Man again


What is your general reaction to movie trailers? Like ‘em? Love ‘em? Are they everything? Are they nothing?

Bonus: What’s been your favorite movie trailer lately? Why?

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