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SDCC Unlock: The Hero Within 

Comic Con is an epic journey for every nerd attending. It’s always inspiring to hear or read about people’s experience and reason for attending the greatest con in the universe. 

For me, it’s about being in the community and expressing through fashion and travel how cool it is to be a nerd in hopes that others will be encouraged to share and be social

Photo: @KellyDlux

This year’s SDCC allowed me to do all of those things as I’ve recently taken a role with Tony Kim’s brand new men’s geek clothing line Hero Within. Tony has allowed me to write blogs and post social media and be a part of the hero community. Also, talking fashion and geek fashion always gets me excited where the multiverse is the limit. 

Photo: @KellyDlux

So this year at SDCC, I was busy making moves with the rest of the Hero Within crew. It felt like we were a Justice League street team going guerilla. Here’s what I learned: 

  1. Even Aquaman is Needed – Sometimes you tell yourself your task or contribution isn’t significant, but being on a team that’s constantly encouraging and wants to succeed makes you feel important. Everyone on this team does something crucial. Heck, if I’m Aquaman, I’ll wear the crown because every fish in the sea counts.
  2. Blog of Shadows – Bruce Wayne had to disappear, gain the skill and learn the way of the shadows to be the Bat. Taking a break from Nerd Coolture prior to SDCC to blog for HW daily was my League of Shadows training. Thank God Tony isn’t a  legalistic crazy man like Ra’s al Ghul. But this discipline has writing on my mind 24/7 now. 
  3. Corps Perspective – Going from Hal Jordan’s view of being a test pilot to Earth’s defender, that’s what this feels like. The picture got way bigger, and so did my purpose in the nerd world. The best parts: it’s not about me, and I’m collaborating with my own Green Lantern crew defending the geek fashion world. 

The mindset of an entrepreneur isn’t “either/or” it’s “Why not both?” And if I’m going to level up my nerd game, my writing game, my fashion game, my life goals, I’m have to take on more responsibility and balance these joint ventures out. That’s what this opportunity at HW and Nerd Coolture has allowed me to do. 

In the end, these are all exciting adventures, and what better place to begin and share them than the one the one that celebrates the popular arts? The nerd Mecca: San Diego Comic Con. 

What did you “unlock” or level-up in this past SDCC? What would you like to do before the next convention? Drop a comment below!

Marlon @NerdCoolture