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Stumbling Upon “Pure Fandom”– Expert Fans, Kickass Content

Good people know good people. – Little Big Town

That’s also a testament to the life of Tony Kim aka Crazy 4 Comic Con. Once again, Tony has managed to build his community but this time he may not even realize it. 

A couple of months ago, I did an interview with Tony about finding his fandom and why it’s cool to be a nerd.  Following that interview and its blast in the Twitterverse, some mutual nerds and I crossed paths: Liz and Lindi, the one-two punch of PURE FANDOM (PF)

After seeing Tony’s fandom interview, Liz reached out regarding the fashion vibes and content of Nerd Coolture. Whoa. That made my day. 

Pure Fandom and the brains behind it are genius…and hilarious.Since I’ve “met” these ladies, PF has been a resource for all things fandom and just pure entertainment. Here are a few reasons I revisit one of the best fandom sites in the ‘verse:

Lindi and Liz of Pure Fandom: Stylin’
  • With No Filter – “No Filter” that’s the disclaimer on their About page. That’s why their multitude of TV reviews and podcasts are hilariously unique. There’s no pretense and no B.S. Liz and Lindi are just being themselves, and I as a reader can appreciate that.
    Lindi and Liz: No Filter
  • Pros Before Shows – While there’s a jovial, fun mood in the content, the contributors to the site have experience with major publications which to me, means they’ve got a good grasp on their writing voice. No one rambles, and they know how to use the latest GIFs to emote exactly what you’re feeling!
    Lindi and Liz are all about that geek life
  • Collaboration Nation – On almost every major page of PF, Liz and Lindi are looking for yours, mine, and our contribution to their site. They’re open to making PF the ultimate one-stop shop for all fans. What’s even more cool is that they have a Fandom Friends page, promoting other sites. Nerd Coolture may be, just may be on there…

Lately, I’ve been using PF for The Walking Dead episode reviews and character death predictions (sadly), which I’m starting to believe. Their theories have some solid evidence. Like now, I’m thinking Maggie and/or Daryl are going to die at the hands of Negan!

Ugh…But yeah, the coolest thing about finding fandom with people like Tony is that I’ve stumbled across pure fandom, figuratively and literally. Pure Fandom‘s mantra of “Expert fans, Kickass Content” lives up to the hype with its multiple forms of media and its deep and wide coverage of pretty much every TV show under the HD cloud. 

Aside from all the podcasting, videos, show reviews, Lindi and Liz facilitate legit panels and interviews at Wizard World conventions. Also, I’m pretty sure Liz, Lindi and the rest of the contributors don’t sleep. If they did, we would’ve never met.

Lindi and Liz hangin with Matt Smith at Wizard World

Check out Pure Fandom for the latest fandomonium:

Here’s our interview together about fashion, fandom, and geek culture:

And the way PF and I met: Tony Kim aka Crazy 4 Comic Con “Finding Fandom” interview-


What are your favorite geek resources? 

How many nerds have you met virtually because of that need life? 

Drop a comment below!