SWAG (Stuff We All Get)

Ok soooo I’ve been immersed in the nerd world for just a few years, and I’ve seen the subscription box world just explode. 

Vlogs, blogs, and nerd personalities have all shared the good and bad of each box. 

There are so many out there now. Loot Crate, being the pioneer, followed by Nerd Block, Hero Crate…I lose track after that…1Up Box…ok seriously there are a lot now.

 While I’ve been drawn to try each nerd subscription box at least once, the problem is that I’ve become a third level hoarder. There’s so much stuff!  What the heck do all the other nerds do with all this swag? Keep it? Store it in their mattress? 

There’s only so much shelf space. 

I don’t see a lot of nerds giving these items away. If they do, it’s like one item….maybe. I did see Loot Crate doing a trade of goods or swap meet kinda thing at a con. Cool. 

This is stuff we all get. Well all have our reasons. 


What do we do will this…stuff?

Though I haven’t figured it out just how to do it yet, I want to turn all of this into Stuff We All Give.

Nerd Coolture isn’t just about bragging or showing off what you have. Yes, there’s a way to share your swag, but the extra mile is to give.  

 I’m challenging myself here. Again, I would like to give this away, if anyone knows an organized systematic “bloggy” fun way I’d love to know. 

August 20, 2015