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Wear It Wednesday: Food-From Flavor to Fashion

We’re force fed with food pics these days. If you scroll through social media, they’re about as common as selfies and sunsets. Sometimes you get a combination of all three.

And I, for one, partake in all of the above.Food is something that’s shared. It’s fashioned, and lately, it has become an expression of one’s lifestyle.

…but the greatest of these is Love

Food is not just for flavor but for fashion.

People are literally venturing to far away lands to get the latest crave for a particular craft beer, coffee house or donut frosting.Once the destination is reached, it’s shared with a selfie like “Hi! We made it! Enjoy this with me!”

Frosted Bomber + Frosted Donut

If you look up “clothing accessories” on the web, the multiple definitions line up to say that they’re anything that are supplemental and complementary to one’s look. Accessories contribute in a secondary manner to complete an outfit. Whether you’re holding up a beer at happy hour or a mimosa at brunch, this completes the look! It adds to the spirit of a canvased body and wardrobe.

My Jubilee cosplay has to have a Slurpee
So when you’re taking those sunset selfies, don’t be afraid to throw in a sip of your favorite libation or slice of pizza. Food is flavorful and fashionable, shareable and wearable, and overall, it’s a lifestyle.

What’s your take on food pics? Are you one to share your food with others in person or virtually?

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