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Wear It Wednesday: New Hair With Hot Butter

Though it doesn’t “feel” like a new season, it technically is, and I’m taking full advantage of the spirit of change. So this week I walked into an unknown barbershop. When it was my turn at the chair, I told the nicely tatted gentleman to do what he thinks is best for my hair while still keeping me eligible for my job.

Outpost in South Pasadena

I’ve never done anything like this. Here’s what sparked the spontaneity:

  • Blame Tom – It was time to change my hairstyle. How did I know? I read a list from GQ recently that listed several reasons to change your hairstyle. Most of them didn’t apply to me, but the couple that did kept telling me to try something new. Also, it doesn’t help that GQ has been posting pictures of Tom Hiddleston and his new hair and Gucci looks. Damn that well-dressed god of mischief.
    Profile of finished cut
  • Too Hip for Hipster – My regular hair stylist primarily does women’s hair. Going to a “trendy” men’s barbershop was an overdue revelation despite how well my current stylist cuts hair. I’ve been avoiding such a place because I’ve been comfortable and a little too cool for places like this.
    Comfortable Environment
  • Guys Will Be – It was lifestyle place for sure. What a women’s hair salon is for women, this was a dude’s place for dudes. I’m talking trendy clothes for sale, high-end grooming kits, car magazines and a good ol’ American flag to instill our freedoms to express.
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  • Hot Butter – I’ve never had a real shave with a straight razor. When the barber put the warm shaving gel on my skin, I asked if it was hot butter out of pure absurdity. This coming from a guy who grows such little facial hair, he doesn’t have to use any shaving cream. In the end, it was bliss and much appreciated.
  • Cool People – Carlos and his wife run and own Outpost, the barbershop I got my hair-did in South Pasadena. We got to know each other and had good ol’ barbershop talk. It’s amazing how fast you get to know someone over hair and fashion.
    Carlos – Barber, Owner, Artist, LA Local

This new experience led me to a path of new people, new morning ritual, new style, and another reason to take a risk perhaps in this season and the next.

What changes are you looking forward to this season? Could be just a change in our clocks or the leaves. Maybe something in fashion or a new TV show? Share in the comments!