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When Nerds Travel Pt 1 – Ruling Time and Space

Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God. Kurt Vonnegut


Why do nerds travel?

Just how exactly do nerds travel?

What does Nerd Travel look like?

Alice Fan and I have been covering the field, addressing these questions when it comes to Nerd Travel. Personally, it’s been a revealing journey, and I’m excited that there’s more to tackle.

We are, however, near the end of the Nerd Travel journey…uh…in blog form. But that just means you, me, we will just have to get our hands and feet in the mud, venture on, and share even more stories about our travels! 


So WHEN nerds travel… when I actually have my bags packed and hit the road, just what does that look like?


  • Crowd Surfing –  When traveling, I try (Keyword: Try) to go during non-peak days. Not everyone has the luxury of traveling for a living or living that entrepreneur life where the donuts are being made despite them being away. Mmmm, donuts. Anyway. Yeah, going on a three-day weekend has its plus by using one less vacay day, but it also has large crowds. In these cases, most people aren’t willing to travel the Thursday before or Tuesday after the weekend. Extend your vacation one more day to get a head start or lag. This will give you cheaper airfare and smaller crowds. For my Washington D.C. trip, we flew out 6 AM on Thursday, during the middle of February, and prices were low despite it being President’s Weekend.    
  • A Picture’s Worth – When I travel, I also pick a time and place of taking one, just one epic picture that epitomizes our trip and theme. This is a shot that would make the photo album cover or post card you send home. For our D.C. trip, it was at Mt. Vernon on Washington’s estate because it was all about that simple quaint lifestyle that really took us back in time yet still affects people today. The setting was cold empty, barren, and looked hipster and rustic AF. But yeah, getting that one shot makes it all worth it. If there’s any souvenir that I have to take home, it’s this one photo.  
  • We The People – Yeah, I can go see the sights and sounds and learn the same things I can find on the internet, but some of the easiest ways to really learn the culture is by AirBnB and Uber. AirBnB is immediately communal when you request your host’s place. By the time you check-in, it’s like catching up with old friends. I leverage Uber drivers as tour guides who 1) aim for good Star ratings and 2) like to share their knowledge of the city and how they’ve become ride-share drivers. Most are more than happy to exchange origin stories. One of our D.C. Uber drivers dropped us off at the perfect spot around the National Mall, knowing how cold it was outside. He then gave us directions to walk to make the most of our short time. That totally saved me from Googling in the cold.  


I’m usually in the zone of how to optimize my time and energy, which is a double-edged sword. If it weren’t for my wife or friends, sometimes I wouldn’t know how to relax or be spontaneous. This is also important. Hyper-efficiency can drive you and those around you into the ground especially if they’re not task-oriented. It’s good to have both mindsets when traveling. Again, having a good hotel or BnB is important so you can rest up in the evening to recharge your batteries, literally. Just like in video games, both flexibility and strategy are keys to survival and fun when it comes to traveling and choosing your own adventures. 


As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about more apps that I use when traveling and also what I do with all of those pictures I take. Do they just stay on my phone and hard drive? Do they even make it to the hard drive? Also, food. Food is so important! Maybe Alice will cover that. Better give her a ring…
When do you typically travel? Summer? Winter? Holidays? Weekdays?

When do you find time take pictures during your vacation? Right away? Afterthought?


Drop a comment below! Thanks for hanging out!




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